EXCLUSIVE: Nichole Galicia Talks 'Wish I Was Here,' Her Top Beauty Tips & More!

Nichole Galicia
Elisabeth Caren

It's probably fair to say that Nichole Galicia is one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood!

The Panamanian actress, who is best known for her role as Sheba in Django Unchained, is gearing up to star as Juliet this summer in Zach Braff's latest film, Wish I Was Here.

We caught up with the former model while she was off purchasing art in Europe to talk about her latest role, snag beauty tips, and more. Check it all out in our exclusive interview below:

Congrats on the role of Juliet in Wish I Was Here! What can you tell me about your character?

I play Juliet, opposite Jim Parsons’ Romeo. The amazing Stacey Sher, who executive produced Django Unchained and produced Wish I Was Here, called and asked me to do a cameo in the film. Of course I said yes. I’m a Zach Braff fan, Garden State was simply amazing, and so I was excited to work with him.

Django Unchained was a huge movie. You played the role of Sheba, Leonardo DiCaprio’s love interest. How was filming the movie?

Quentin Tarantino did not just cast me in a movie, he provided me with an incredible experience. Filming Django Unchained was everything making movies should be…just magical. Quentin kept the mood on set focused but fun.  There were so many surprises and traditions during filming that, well…you just had to be there. I get this cheesy grin whenever I think about it. Making this film, with this director, made all the years of struggle and study worth it. I was in a Tarantino film; the rest is gravy.

What was it like working with Jamie Foxx again for …And She Was My Eve? How did you get involved in the short?

I love Jamie Foxx. I’m not sure how a man can be that talented and that handsome and still be just a cool regular guy. My first day on Django Unchained he went out of his way to welcome me and put me at ease. He’s just a great guy and an artist in every sense of the word.

As my director on …And She Was My Eve, Jamie gave me space to do my thing but his presence was everywhere. I remember one instance where Tyrin Turner -- my sexy co-star -- and I were on a dimly lit sound stage and literally put up on a pedestal, a glowing rotating pedestal.  Now the room was silent, you could hear a pin drop, and it was so dark that all I could see was Tyrin, shirtless no less. So we start to rotate and out of the darkness with no warning, Jamie starts to serenade us, “this love…I could move a mountain…” It was amazing. He sang, and we rotated until our characters fell in love, and it was this peaceful, romantic, magical moment. Can you tell I love my job?

I was cast in the short after auditioning with casting director Billy Hopkins for The Butler several months before. I obviously didn’t get that part. In fact, I got no sense that Billy even liked my audition. I walked in, read my lines once, he said thanks and I left. Several months later I got a call offering me the female lead without an audition in Jamie’s film because Billy raved to Jamie about me. As my mom would say, “no hard work is wasted.”

Amazing way of seeing it! So do you ever draw on your own experience when acting? 

Sometimes I do. I use a mixture of Method, Mesiner and Nichole; it depends on the job. One of my coaches told me that as an actor I get to cash in on all my pain. So no experience is ever wasted, good or bad. I arrive at a character with all of Nichole, like in ‘Django Unchained’, but sometimes I choose to use none of me like in …And She Was My Eve. I conjured Eve out of thin air and filled in some missing energy with Lal from ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’, she inspired my character. I know I sound like a nut bag right now but actors get me.

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