Natalie Morales Speaks Out On James Toback Sexual Harassment


What's done in the dark always comes to light, especially in Hollywood. With numerous Harvey Weinstein allegations, there more celebrities in Hollywood who encouraging women to share their experience with sexual harassment in hopes to expose abusers and heal themselves.

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Recently, NBC's Natalie Morales and actress Julianne Moore have come forth to share her own experience with Director, James Toback. On Sunday, the Los Angeles Times released an investigative report, which exposed Toback's history of sexually harassing over 38 women throughout his career. Shortly after the published piece, the Still Alice actress took to Twitter to share her story. "#JamesToback approached me in the 80’s on Columbus Ave with the same language – wanted me to audition, come to his apt,  I refused. One month later he did it again with the EXACT same language. I said don’t u remember u did this before?” said Moore. Sadly, this wasn't Toback's first time approaching aspiring actresses who wanted to make it in Hollywood in exchange for a sexual encounter. 

NBC journalist, Morales remembers a similar experience she had with the filmmaker back when she was beginning her TV career at Court TV. While on the sister media channel, Access Hollywood, the seasoned Today Show host said, she remembers running into him in New York City’s Central Park and told her he wanted to cast her in an upcoming movie. During the conversation, the 45-year-old beauty explained how he made her feel extremely uncomfortable, saying "He made it very clear with the conversation … that he wanted to get me into a secluded area of the park." She went on to tell, “He also proceeded to say that ‘if you want to be in the movie, you’ve got to be willing to show yourself.’” At that point, Morales realized he wasn't getting the message, 'I'm like, I'm leaving right now. I don't want to be in the movies. I just want to make money, have a career. I left."

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Shortly after the Access Hollywood segment, the Brazilian-Puerto Rican report shared a message rallying women to speak out. 'I want to say all to the women, don't blame themselves, you're going about your day, he approaches you. You didn't ask or want any of this." via Daily Mail.