EXCLUSIVE: Monica the Medium on Accepting Her Gift, Myths and Being Latina

EXCLUSIVE: Monica the Medium on Accepting Her Gift, Myths and Being Latina

If you haven’t been watching Monica the Medium, you’re missing out. The Freeform reality series follows the life of Monica Ten-Kate, a part-Costa Rican young woman who is navigating college, jobs, friendships and dating all while, well, being a medium – you know, the folks who talk to dead people.

Ten-Kate talked with Latina about how she was able to accept her ability, what her religious Latino family thinks about her gift, some myths she’s tired of hearing and more.

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How did you start realizing you had medium abilities?

Well, for me, it really wasn’t until high school that I started to hear, feel, sense and then just know things, and it really was starting with friends and acquaintances. They would be telling a story about someone who had died in their childhood and what not, and I just started to hear or see the ending of the story before they finished telling it, and I was like, “all right. That’s weird. Maybe it’s just a lucky guess or a coincidence or whatever.” But it started happening more and more, and once it started happening with strangers and I got over that fear of “what are they gonna say if I like share with them what I’m sensing?” I would tell them things and they’d be like,  

“how’d you know about my mom” or “how’d you know that about my brother?” and at first I was like I don’t really know how I know that I thought maybe I have a brain tumor or maybe I have schizophrenia, like something’s wrong with me. But once I really accepted my gift and kinda came out of the medium closet, it really is like a coming out experience for sure, but once I kinda came out, like I really just had things develop and strengthen within my gift much faster and very quickly and have been doing it ever since. 

How were you able to come out? Like how were you able to accept this? 

The actual story of me coming out is pretty funny, for me to really come to a place where I was ready to share with everybody, “look I talk to dead people, and I’m gonna own that was once… I had to get to a place where I wasn’t just giving validation for the people that I was giving the reading to but it was also about like giving myself validation that I really had this ability because maybe people don’t know this about me but I had a really good job even from starting out in high school into college, I was working for Lockheed Martin, a very big corporation, they kind of guaranteed me a spot after I’d graduate, things were set, everything’s good and I had a lot going for me in that kind of business world. And I’m a very rational person. I believe I’m a smart individual, so the very science based part of me was like, “how is this real? This can’t be possible.” I didn’t wanna come out and share that first and foremost out of me not even knowing is this for real and also especially being in high school when I first started seeing things you’re already trying to be a teenager fitting in that you’re like what’s gonna happen at the lunch table and you’re like “yeah, by the way, I saw a dead person last night before I went to bed and then we went to the lacrosse game.” That’s not really normal, but once I got the validation through seeing how much it was connecting and was like okay this isn’t just hitting home for them I’m like there’s no way I could’ve know that and it really gave me that kind of confirmation I had this gift then I could be really be at that place where I could come out and share it with everybody. 

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