Mondo Guerra Has Designs on Heidi Klum

Despite having lost Project Runway last month, Mondo Guerra has always been a winner in the eyes of the show’s host, Heidi Klum. So last week, when the German model needed a first-rate designer to make her a dress for the L.A. premiere of Black Swan, Klum called Guerra.

“As I was packing to come back to Denver my cell phone rang and a bright, cheery, ‘Hello’ greeted me, with a German accent,” says Guerra. “I wasn’t sure who it was, but the next thing I knew, the voice on the other end was asking me, ‘Do you have my dress?’”

Guerra told that he was in Los Angeles when he got Klum’s phone call, but raced back home to Denver to hit the fabric store. “The next morning I came back to my studio and made the dress, shipped it overnight for early morning delivery,” he shares.

Guerra says he wasn’t sure that Klum would actually wear the dress to the premiere. But when he logged into his Facebook page on Thursday night, he saw Klum wearing the dress in his feed.  “There on my page were pictures of Heidi wearing the dress,” he recalls. “I yelled, ‘She wore it!’ I slept very well last night.”

Klum, looked stunning and swan-like in the fitted black dress patterned with graphic white bubbles and she applauded Guerra’s design.

“I love his gown; it really represents his design style, fun yet still chic.”