'Modern Family' Co-Stars Joke About Sofia Vergara Dating Joe Manganiello

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello
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Not so fast, Sofia Vergara! You can't get away with having a new romance without being the bud of the jokes that come along with it.

The 42-year-old's (Happy birthday, btw!) Modern Family co-stars took to Twitter recently to add a little humorous light on the news that the Colombiana is dating the handsome Joe Manganiello.

"All these rumors are crazy… Here's the truth: I'M actually dating @SofiaVergara...it happened after @JoeManganiello & I broke up," Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays Vergara's stepson, jokingly tweeted on Wednesday.

Fellow Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet later jumped in and responded, "@jessetyler @SofiaVergara oh okay. that's cool. Well, now @JoeManganiello and I are dating. Sooooo. Yaaaaaa."

Too funny! But all jokes aside, we approve of this relationship. Get it, Sofia!