Michelle Rodriguez: “They’re Just Gonna Have to Keep on Killing Me”

If you’re anything like us then you’re excited to check out our girl Michelle Rodriguez in Fast & Furious this weekend. The uncompromising actress didn’t hold back when we spoke to her recently about her about her role in the film, as well as her struggle to find great parts in Hollywood. Beware of the not so shocking spoiler alert coming up!

“Anytime you’ve got a wild, independent, free-spirited woman, she has to die at the end of the movie,” Rodriguez tells Latina.com, “unless it’s a movie that’s so sci-fi that it can’t be real, like Tomb Raider.”

The actress says she falls squarely into that category. “Me? I die in every film that I’m in this year,” she reveals. “They’re just gonna have to keep on killing me,” she adds, dead serious. “I’ll keep coming back, until they realize what’s hot and make flicks for bitches like me.”

Take that, Hollywood!