Michael Jackson's Latino Connections

Today would have been Michael Jackson's 57th birthday! The "King of Pop" was everywhere when he was alive, even in the hearts of some Latin stars. In honor of what would have been his birthday, we are rounding up the stars he had connections with. From Demi Lovato to Jennifer Lopez, check out what Latino connections he shared with these celebs: 

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1. 1

Gloria Estefan and Michael Jackson were friends for many years before he passed away. They were even represented by the same label. "He was just fascinated by everything. He never had a childhood and that really hurt him a lot," Estefan told Joy Behar in 2012. "He kept raising the bar and raising the bar… I just thought all that pressure was going to cave in on him."

2. 3

Jennifer Lopez's music has a connection to Michael Jackson that she might not now about. The pop star briefly considered recording Lopez's debut single "If You Had My Love"

3. 2

For Jackson's 25th anniversary box set, Pitbull was featured on the hit song "Bad."

4. 4

Jackson was one of the guests at Thalia's wedding with Tommy Mottola. We are sure the couple got one heck of a wedding gift. 

5. 5

Demi Lovato proved just how much she loves Jackson when she covered his song "Thriller" on multiple occasions. 

6. Nicole Richie

Jackson was a big part of Nicole Richie's life when he was alive. The "King of Pop" was Richie's godfather. Earlier this summer, Richie's mom, Brenda, posted this photo of the two in memory of him. "Nicole with her Godfather, and Christopher Rogers! Love this picture. Michael was so happy," she wrote.