Mexican Pop Star Belinda Denies Her Appearance in "Sex" Tape

Belinda can't avoid the controversy surrounding the leak of her semi-nude image all over the internet (and subsequently, her hospital stay for a nervous breakdown). The pop starlet has denied interview requests from just about every media outlet in her native Mexico, and Blogamole reports that she fled the country for her pad in Los Angeles, where she's far less important to the paparazzi who are busy stalking gringa celebs like Britney Spears. But according to, the press scrutiny finally caught up to Belinda when she was confronted by journalists at Mexico City's International airport:

The "Bella Traición" singer said that the images circulating on the internet were not the reason for her hospitalization. The video, she added, does not interest her in the slightest, because she is not the one who appears in it. "It's someone else's back!"

Ok, denial aside--it's totally her in the tape, but we'll let a white lie slide on account of the fact that she was caught off guard at the airport--let's focus on the operative word here: "back." Aside from a brief glimpse side-boob, that is all you can see in Belinda's "sex" tape! Her video might be scandalous in Mexico and embarrassing to her wealthy/protective family, but it is way tamer than what we've seen from Adrienne Bailon, and it's like a freaking Disney movie compared to the Paris Hilton sex tape (though the two share one cool special effect--night vision).

That fact that such relatively tame footage has upset Belinda this much just makes us feel bad. Can't we all just to back to criticizing The Cheetah Girl? Hey, wait just a minute...Belinda made a cameo in The Cheetah Girls 2! It's a curse!