Mexican Families Gifted Housing Partially Funded by Mel Gibson

Hurricane Stan decimated the Veracruz region of Mexico and Mel Gibson decided to help out when he saw the damage up close. The actor/producer was filming Apocalypto right after the hurricane hit the Gulf Coast and witnessed first hand the devastation that was caused. Mexican officials recently presented victims of Hurricane Stan with 109 homes that were partly funded by a donation from the filmmaker.

Mel Gibson donated $1 million to help rebuild and replace storm damaged homes while the office of Veracruz Gov. Fidel Herrera told the Daily News that the government and a private charity pitched in the rest of the cost of the homes in the town of San Andres Tuxtla.

Hurricane Stan struck Central America and Mexico in October, 2005. Officials estimate that the storm destroyed about 40,000 homes and killed 71 people in Mexico, while 654 were left dead in Guatemala, and 71 deaths were reported in El Salvador.