Mexican Actor Eduardo Yáñez Slaps Interviewer on Red Carpet

As we’ve seen, being constantly questioned about one’s personal life comes with the territory of being a celebrity. Being under a magnifying glass 24/7 really pushes one to their limits, making it only a matter of time until they reach their breaking point. But does that justify celebrities physically lashing out, and potentially putting people in danger?

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While on the red carpet at a Los Angeles event on Tuesday, Mexican actor and soap opera star Eduardo Yáñez lost it during an interview with journalist Paco Fuentes from Univision’s EL Gordo y La Flaca.

When the interviewer asked Yáñez a question about his relationship with his son, Eduardo Jr, his response was, “If you’re so worried about my son, send him the money, or you go and talk to him.” His son reportedly called him “a drug addict, racist [who] abuses women.”

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Fuentes defended himself, saying that he was only asking what the people wanted to know, and essentially doing his job as a liason between press and the public. Yáñez clapped back with, “That’s bull—. That’s what you say to get people involved in what they don’t care about. But the concerned one is you, brother. You go and tell [my son] what you have to say.” He added, “You are a pure a—. Do not disrespect me,” before swiftly raising his hand, and aggressively slapping Fuentes in the face. The shocking moment left the surrounding crowd stunned and at a loss for words.

The actor has since apologized on Twitter, admitting that what he did was wrong.

Do you believe the situation called for Eduardo Yáñez’ physical aggression? Watch the footage below and decide for yourself


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