Meet Megan Nicole: The YouTube Star and "Summer Forever" Singer Who is About to Take Over

Megan Nicole

Before we can even process the words "back to school" we need to spend a little more time embracing summer and our latest musical obsession, Megan Nicole, shares that very sentiment. Since Megan's single is called "Summer Forever" (seriously, we can't stop listening to it and her new one, "Never Have I Ever" is just as good), we decided to play a little word association game with the Mexican YouTube star at Kipling's #Back2Kipling campaign party. She shared her favorite summer food, beauty trend, crush and more—keep reading for her answers!

Favorite summer food:

Hot dogs

Summer song:

"Summer Forever" was the first one that came to mind!

Summer outfit:

High-waist shorts.


Ryan Gosling

Summer dance move:



Clueless, like, all the time.

Travel destination:



The Fault In Our Stars

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