#MCM: 8 Photos of Adam Rodriguez That Will Make You Melt

Adam Rodriguez is always amping up his "it" boy factor! The 40-year-old star is set to play Cookie's love interest on Empire this season, and also making his way to Jane the Virgin for the role of a very critical English professor.

And this is why we're dubbing him our #MCM this week! Scroll through and check out some of his hottest pics:

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1. 1

Swoon! Rodriguez looks caliente in that robe. Ready for bed? Wink.

2. 2

How did we miss that wet t-shirt contest? Call us next time, Adam.

3. 3

We love a clean cut Adam. His face looks like it was carved for perfection.

4. 4

Oh ya know, just chilling by the pool and showing off his amazing body.

5. 5

Why so serious?

6. 6

We love a man in a suit and seeing Rodriguez in one is HOT.

7. 7

All we can say is look at those abs! Adam shirtless is what we want to see when we wake up and when we go to bed.

8. 8

Hubba hubba! This is right before Adam started training for Magic Mike XXL.