Mark Sanchez and Rafael Nadal Make This the Best Week Ever

We must be dreaming. First, we woke to witness the sexy glory that is newly minted Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez strutting his stuff all over the pages of GQ in teeny board shorts and not much else. Now, we just need to find out way to our grubby little hands on some 50 yard seats to the next Jets game versus the New England Patriots and our fantasy will almost become reality. Well, as long as that pesky Gisele Bündchen doesn't show up and ruin everything.

Then, we found out that 23-year-old tennis player Rafael Nadal was named by Men's Fitness magazine as the fittest man in America, and the cover is glorious. Not that we care even in the slightest about his actual health or anything, 'cause from the looks of things, he is doing just fine. And we do mean fine!

What could possibly top these absolutely hot pictorials? Probably nothing! That's why we have declared this: The. Best. Week. Ever.

Tell us: Who do you think is the hottest Latino out there right now?