#MCM: Mario Lopez's Hottest Pics

Mario Lopez is one hot papi chulo and these photos are going to prove it. Take a moment to wipe the drool off your face before you continue looking at this array of hotness: 

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1. Mario Lopez Shirtless Hot Picture

Just those at those sexy abs of Lopez. We can't get over it!

2. Mario Lopez Shirtless With Daughter

Again with the abs but this time he's carrying his adorable hija, Gia Francesca

3. Mario Lopez Dancing

Lopez dancing is something that we were always dreaming of and to see his BFF Eva Longoria next to him just makes him that bunch better. 

4. Mario Lopez with Book

That smile, though. It's all every girl could dream of. 

5. Mario Lopez Running

Lopez running a marathon without his shirt on is so hot that we can't stand it. 

6. Mario Lopez With Shirt On

When you can see a Mario's pecs through his shirt then you know it's going to be a good day.

7. Mario Lopez With Sunglasses

Lopez's with his arms bulging through this short-sleeve shirt is great.  

8. Mario Lopez in a Suit

Mario in a tuxedo is everything we want to have in our lives and more. 

9. Mario Lopez in Casual Outfit

Lopez in his super casual outfit is just as sexy as him in a tuxedo.