Mario Lopez: Fergie Was "My First Kiss"

Mario Lopez is taking a well-timed trip down memory lane. Just as his old pal, Fergie, gets ready to tie the knot with Josh Duhamel in Los Angeles this weekend, the buff Extra host conveniently reveals that he and the pop star were each other's first beso!

"It's a true story. I'm very proud of my first kiss," Mario tells People. "She says there was no tongue!" That's a bit TMI for our taste, but ok...what else would you care to share about your tween affair, M.Lo? "I wrote her a note and, as she likes to point out, I was very smooth
at 10 because I bought her perfume. I think the
gesture was pretty good for a kid." Has anyone ever doubted that Mario Lopez was a ladies man from the day he left the womb?

The root of Mario and Fergie's special bond is their time together on Kids Incorporated, the totally awesome '80s show that was the lead-in for the Mickey Mouse Club (or MMC for those in the know) on the Disney Channel. It aired daily at 4:30 PM and also starred such notable alums as Jennifer Love Hewitt, but she only went by Love Hewitt back then. Clearly, we ran home from school everyday to watch. And sing. And dance. Ain't no shame in our '80s baby game! Were you a Kids Inc. fan back in the day? We (I) just 'fessed up, so if you're out there Inc. fans, let us know! Maybe this clip will refresh your memory...