6 Reasons Mario Lopez’s Daughter is Destined for Stardom

Happy birthday little Gia Francesca! Mario Lopez's adorable baby girl is turning 5 today. See six reasons why we think this cutie pie is destined for stardom:

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1. 1

During the premiere of Cinderella, Gia got to go to work with daddy for the day. She interviewed stars such as Cate Blanchett and Lily James like a pro. Watch out Mario, Gia might be taking your job soon!

2. 2

Gia is a triple threat in the making! Look at her dressed and ready to go for her dance recital? Do we have a future J.Lo on our hands?

3. 3

Little Gia is already living in her own little bubble...

4. 4

This little chica is already the leader of her crew.

5. 5

Gia Francesa already has her red carpet pose down! She knows how to work the camera perfectly to show off her epic gladiator sandals.

6. 6

Gia is a pro at helping make daddy look good!