Mariah Insists She's Not Pregnant, Then Suspiciously Turns Down Champagne

At first we were just shamelessly jumping on the baby rumor bandwagon with respect to Mariah Carey, but now she's giving us good reason to speculate!

In a recent appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' show, the singer insists that she's not pregnant, but then acts in a really peculiar way towards alcohol. The awkward fun begins when Ellen asks Mariah to address the pregnancy speculation. After getting a classic non-answer disguised as ditziness (Mariah mastered this technique long before anyone else) Ellen says, "You don't have to answer that," then proposes a champagne toast for no apparent reason other then to put Mariah in an awkward situation. Love it!

Mimi only pretends to drink the bubbly, which prompts the talk show hostess to proclaim, "You're pregnant!" Mariah's reply? "No, no, no...we will let you know when we're going to have a family." And the excuses keep coming: "It's just fattening...this is peer pressure!...It's too early for me...I only drink after 3 p.m."

Before you start feeling bad about Mariah getting trapped in an awkward situation on TV, just remember: it's only awkward if she's actually pregnant!