Mariah Carey Debuts Suspicious Belly Bump

Normally, we'd chalk up all the reports on Mariah Carey's recent weight gain before her performance in Brazil to the rumor mill being a little low on juicier fodder this week; but then we caught a glimpse of these photos and immediately understood why everyone is talking.

Ms. Carey looked positively pregnant at her performance in São Paulo on August 22! Her belly can not be dismissed as a huge burrito lunch or even general overall chubiness as the weight is almost all concentrated right around her adorable pancita. It doesn't seem like the pregnancy is holding Carey back at all, she delighted her Brazilian fans with a marathon 15-song set!

The singer and her hubby of two years, Nick Cannon, haven’t confirmed her pregnancy, but the 40-year-old is definitely showing all the telltale signs. If the rumors are true and Carey and Cannon are finally expecting, we have nothing to say but: Congratulations!