Marc Anthony Sings Duet with Jennifer Lopez, Thrills Crowd at Western Inaugural Ball

Marc Anthony treated the guests at the Western Inaugural Ball to a special surprise last night. Towards the end of his performance, he called out his wife, Jennifer Lopez for a romantic duet—and the crowd went wild!

Marc brought Jennifer up to the stage after admitting to the guests that "You Sang To Me" (a song he wrote 10 years ago) was about his wife, "I wrote this next song about Jennifer. I must have been psychic. She didn't get the point, but eventually it worked out," joked Anthony, as reported by the Associated Press. 

The couple ended their special encore performance with a kiss which left Anthony a bit flustered, "Man, she's cute," he said after Lopez exited the stage.

Maybe witnessing first hand the love between President Barack Obama and the First Lady has inspired the once dueling couple to move past their difference and work on their marriage? Either that, or they are better actors than we would have ever believed!