EXCLUSIVE: Marc Anthony Talks Charity and Maestro Cares

Marc Anthony Talks Maestro Cares at 'Changing Lives, Building Dreams' Gala
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Marc Anthony and Henry Cárdenas co-founded the Maestro Cares Foundation in an effort to improve the lives of the neediest of children in Latin America.The foundation provides these kids with housing, classrooms, healthcare, nutritious foods, recreational facilities and educational programs.

The foundation has made great strides since its inception in 2012. Their first project, an orphanage in the Dominican Republic, has been completed, and now they've turned their attention to another project in Barranquilla, Colombia. Additionally, three new projects will launch this year in Mexico, Peru and Puerto Rico. 

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On Tuesday, the organization hosted The Second Annual Changing Lives, Building Dreams Gala in New York City. Hosted by Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing star Luis Ortiz, the event honored multiple humanitarians, including Meera T. Gandhi, the CEO and Founder of the Giving Back Foundation, Chi-Chi Rodriguez, World Golf Hall of Fame Inductee and co-founder of the Chi Chi Rodriguez Foundation, and Marcelo Claure, CEO of Sprint Corporation.  The event also paid tribute to the man who made it all possible: Marc Anthony.

We chatted with Anthony about his commitment to Maestro Cares. Check it out below: 

You’ve been such a positive role model in the Latino community. Why do you think it’s so important for other artists to get involved in projects like Maestro Cares?

We spend our lives trying to have a dialogue with the masses. And a lot of us are very fortunate to have that, but it can’t be one way. When you can help — do it. Henry and I saw a really effective way to actually help and see the results. It’s my responsibility. I’ll tell you one thing: selfishly, it’s way too gratifying. It just feels good. It feels good to take my children there, to go and volunteer with the kids, and to get to know and see and put into perspective how lucky we are. The luck that we’ve had has put us in a position to actually do something about it. It’s very simple — we’re doing something about it. Last year, we had this event, and the first one hadn’t opened yet. This year I’m proud to say that we’re going to be up to seven orphanages in Latin America in less than a year. Like I said: don’t talk about it; be about it and just do it.

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And how does your organization choose what country to focus on?

Well, it’s based on need. Usually we vet really effective organizations that don’t have the resources to have a five-acre campus, and we make that available. We do not run them but we partner well.

Learn more about Maestro Cares at the official website.