Madonna Ready to Commit Herself to Jesus

Madonna and boyfriend Jesus Luz are reportedly ready to take their relationship to the next level. The couple has decided to participate in a Kabbalah commitment ceremony to cement their bond.

Jesus first met the Material Girl about six months ago while shooting a spread for W magazine. The chemistry was undeniable between the 50-year-old pop star and the model from Brazil, 20—and the duo has been nearly inseparable ever since.
Although their age difference is profound, their relationship is getting more serious.

Jesus has moved in with the singer and her family and sources have confirmed that they are "totally besotted with with other." Madge seemed to have cooled off with her boy toy back in March when she traveled Malawi in March, but as soon as she returned home after the failed adoption attempt of Mercy, she was back in Jesus's arms.

The source continues, "Madonna was devastated when the adoption was rejected the first time, but now she wants to lavish some attention on Jesus and she’s keen to make sure they have a solid relationship for all the children's sakes ... he’s really helped her through this tough time."