Madonna Fuming Over A-Rod's Reunion with Ex-Wife

Uh-oh...did Alex Rodriguez just do the impossible and make Madonna jealous? Word is that his partner in lust, Madonna, is now furious with the baseball player for running back into the arms of ex-wife, Cynthia Rodriguez, in a time of need.

It started when A-Rod, confronted with the growing outrage over his steroid use, flew from his hideout in the Bahamas to the Florida home he shared with Cynthia and sought her support. According to Gatecrasher, the pop star hit the roof upon hearing the news. "Madge is pissed! Alex ran right home to Cynthia, and to Madonna, this is the ultimate dis," an insider tells the gossip column. (Excuse us while we raise our first point of skepticism—would an "insider" really refer to Madonna as "Madge"?)

The source also reveals that A-Rod's team has stepped in to keep him and Madonna apart. "Alex's handlers want to make sure he's as far from Madonna as
possible. He has enough negative publicity as it
is." Apparently a crumbling marriage and accusations of infedility weren't enough of a reason to intervene, but steroid use? Dealbreaker!

Finally, it's claimed that the Queen of Pop is actually feeling pangs of jealousy ("Madonna just wishes he had come to her," dishes the insider) and is eager to win back Rodriguez's attention. "She's so desperate to see Alex, she's plotting a way that they can
sneak out to the Hamptons to work things out. She wants to have some
alone time."

Hey, insider—are you sure we're talking about the same Madonna here? Because this is the first we've heard words like "desperate" and "alone" used in the same breath as her name. Plotting? Yes. Desperate? Never.

Assuming the rumors are true, though—Do you think Madonna has the right to be mad at A-Rod for making amends with his ex?