Madonna to Ditch A-Rod for Christmas...There's Always Next Year!

At the insistence of her soon-to-be ex-husband, Guy Ritchie, Madonna has caved in and will spend the Christmas holiday in London with Guy and their three children, Lourdes, Rocco and David. But...what will A-Rod do without his "f*king soulmate"? Hopefully he'll take a cue from his supposedly platonic pal and reunite with his own family, just as he did for Thanksgiving...or at least, for part of it.

Meanwhile, a chatty friend of Ritchie's tell the UK's Daily Mail that Madonna and Guy have decided to look out for their kids' best interests--hey, better late than never!--and will even have a family dinner together. But there's a catch: "All the food will be organic at Madonna’s insistence," says the friend, "She will, however, be eating a
different meal as she will only eat fish. She will also be working out
on Christmas Day." Looks like you can only get Madonna to accomodate so much!

So it seems that Madriguez will have to wait until December 2009 to spend their first Navidad you think they'll make it that far?