Madonna and Jesus Luz Bring Their Love Affair to New York

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Oh, snap! Madonna dealt a blow to Alex Rodriguez's heart right on his home turf yesterday, taking Brazilian model Jesus Luz on a swinging tour of New York City. Though Madge and A-Rod have yet to be photographed together, lucky paparazzi caught the pop star and her 22-year-old pal, whom she met while during a photo shoot in Rio de Janeiro, enjoying lunch together Macelleria restaurant in La Gran Manzana on Sunday afternoon. A spy says that Madonna's daughter, 12-year-old Lourdes Leon, and youngest son, 3-year-old David Banda, tagged along as well.

Just last week, it seemed as though Madonna and A-Rod had reignited their passionate love affair via a whirlwind getaway with Jerry Seinfeld in the Hamptons (Seriously.). How foolish of us to jump to such conclusions. Clearly Madonna's man-izing ways are limitless.

As for this photo, we have two minor observations:

1) Is that an actual crocodile Madonna is wearing?

2) Jesus has the most fabulous head of hair known to man.

Your additional thoughts are welcome.

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