Lupita Nyong'o has Michael B. Jordan Doing Pushups Everywhere and it's Adorable


During the promotional tour for Black Panther, starring actress Lupita Nyong'o and co-star, Michael B. Jordan, the two have been displaying their amazing chemistry on and off screen. 

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America's latest ship is sailing and during many joint-interviews, the Academy Award-winning actress often demands that her co-star perform exactly one push-up. Turns out, Jordan reportedly lost a bet on the set of the film and his punishment is to do one push-up whenever Nyong'o demands it. The details of the bet are not known to the public but the Mexican-Kenyan has been relentless in dishing out this punishment. 

The bet received attention during a Black Panther Twitter Q&A when Nyong’o added her push-up command to the moderator’s question for Jordan. Director Ryan Coogler explained that the “on-call push-ups,” mean that as part of the bet, no matter what Jordan is doing, he must drop and give Nyong’o a push-up on her command. “She’s cold-blooded,” Jordan joked.

But the on-call push-ups didn't stop there. At the Calvin Klein show with Jordan and Black Panther's co-star Letitia Wright during Fashion Week, Nyong’o surprised Jordan with a push-up between the seats. Jordan overcame the spilled popcorn on the floor and added a cheeky comment about Nyong'o. “She’s brutal. She’s brutal,” he said playfully.


According to their bet, Nyong'o only has two pushups left to dish out and we can't wait to see where Jordan is forced to do a push-up next.

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We're hoping she saves one for the Oscars.