EXCLUSIVE: Luna Blaise on Her Transition from TV to Music and Dream Collaborations

EXCLUSIVE: Luna Blaise on Her Transition from TV to Music & Her J.Lo Obsession

Fresh Off the Boat's Luna Blaise has big plans up her sleeve. Aside from her recurring role as Nicole on ABC's hit show, Blaise is also dropping the mic in the music industry. She may only be 15-years-old, but she's already written and recorded her first song, "Over You."

We chatted with the actress turn singer about her big transition, her inspirations, and what's next. Read on to see what she had to say:

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Tell us how you first started transitioning into music.

Basically, I started off acting, but I had no intention on doing music, especially at 15. I had no idea that I was going to do music. I just started writing music about a couple months ago, and I just went into the studio, and I did not have any idea that I was going come out of the studio with like writing anything. So I started writing, and I really got obsessed with everything about music and the whole process of making a song and I just kept wanting to go back and all that. So I went back into the studio, and I recorded more and more songs, and I wrote “Over You," which is the one that just came out. It’s really crazy because I still have a lot of time for acting, and I still have time for music. It’s not like I want to stop acting — it’s just a lot of things happening, but it’s really good.

Did you have experience at all while growing up?

I did. I basically had always loved singing, and I always knew I could sing, but I never even had the intention of doing music this early. So I didn’t really have any thought to be so young and be recording a song.

Did you write the lyrics for “Over You”?

I did. I wrote a majority of the song, which is crazy. I’ve always loved writing, and I’ve always loved just having a journal and all that stuff, even if I wasn’t really consistent with it, I’d always love to write in my journal. I always loved the thought of writing.

Is there any particular inspiration for that song?

Yes! For “Over You," in my 15 years of life [Laughs], there’s only like maybe literally one where I could’ve been able to have any interest in boys, all the other one is just like little, kindergarten crushes.

Those still count!

They do, I guess. I wrote “Over You” because it’s about a boy, but it’s not just about a boy who you like for two seconds and then you’re over them. In the song, it says “I’m never going to get over you.” So it’s kind of like having a crush, and you’re just so hopelessly devoted to them, but you know you’re just going to stay friends and that’s totally fine. That’s sort of what it’s about and just going through your whole “crush” phase. It’s not just about my experiences with a guy. It’s about a lot of my best friends’ experiences too. It’s really funny, every single time a lot of me and my friends hang out, it’s mainly the main topic. It’s just boys, ‘cause like we’re always talking about boys.