Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee Are NOT Happy With the Latest "Despacito" Remix

Despacito singers Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee have taken to social media to demand back what's theirs!  

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On Monday, the Puerto Rican Singers were quick to criticize Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro's use of their summer hit "Despacito." In recent months, the Venezuelan president-turned-dictator has been the cause of a lot of political turmoil and violence within the country and across the world. Currently, Venezuela is in the midst of a recession defined by protests and violence. The people of Venezuela have and still are, crying out for help.

The remix of the song starts off with "For union and peace of our country the Constituent moves forward." As the song continues at the rally, the unruly president can be seen clapping his hands to the song that promotes voting for a new Constituent.  

Union and peace are two things that the country has not seen since Maduro took office and singer Fonsi immediately had a few words to say to Maduro for using their masterpiece.   



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"At no time I’ve been consulted, nor I’ve authorized the use or change of Despacito’s lyrics for political purposes, much less in the deplorable situation that a country that I love as much as Venezuela is in," he wrote in Spanish. 

"My music is for all of those that want to listen to it and enjoy it, not to use it as propaganda that tries to manipulate the will of the people that are crying out for their freedom and a better future." the singer also mentions. 

Follwing his post, Daddy Yankee also expressed that he was against the use of their record-breaking song. 



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"“What can you expect? Of a person who has stolen so many lives from young dreamers and people that what they are looking for is a better future for their children. That you illegally appropriated a song (Despacito), does not compare with the crime you commit and have committed in Venezuela." translates the beginning of the "Rompe" singer's reaction.

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Along with the summer-hit singers, many may agree that we must  #PrayforVenezuela.