The A List: Beyoncé Discusses Latin Culture

Angie Martinez is convinced there’s a little Latin in everybody. Here, Beyoncé talks about seducing all of Latin America and the Spanish music she played at her wedding.

Angie: For someone who is not Latin, you’re doing okay in that market—the theme song for a novela (El Zorro), a Spanish bonus CD (B’day Deluxe Edition) and a Latin Grammy nod (2007).
Beyoncé: Wait, I didn’t even know about the Latin Grammy.

A.M.: Really? It was for “Bello Embustero” with Shakira.
B: Wow! I had no idea.

A.M.:Maybe the press release was in Spanish and that’s why you missed it?
B:Very true.

A.M.:Do you feel like all of this has helped you reach a whole new audience?
B:One of my best friends is Cuban and Dominican, and she tells me her parents, who would never know me, are now fans. So on this tour, I’m going to try to go to way more places. I’ve been to Mexico and Spain, but I want to go everywhere.

A.M.:Okay, you and Jay-Z have been very private about the wedding, but what Latin music was played?
B:You are the worst, Angie! [laughs] No comment.

A.M.:I will rephrase. Do you have a favorite Latin song?

A.M.: Aha! So, it’s safe to say it was Elvis Crespo.
B:Yes. I love that song!

A.M.: Gracias, B.
B:De nada.