Lin-Manuel Miranda Recognizes a Fan's Halloween Spirit

Twitter/ @bfaythe

Originality is key this Halloween. When planning out what to wear for the festivities this year, Bethany Faythe opted out of the traditional store-bought costumes and found inspiration from her favorite playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda. Not only did this Twitter user make us think we were seeing double, she was recognized by the star himself in the best way possible. 

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The playwright fan took to Twitter on Tuesday to post a few pictures of her detail-oriented costume and the resemblance was shocking. Not only did she have the facial hair and book in hand, she even had the infamous grey sweater to match! If you know anything about the 'Hamilton' star, you might remember that he wore a grey sweater so often his friends made a pic collage of it last winter. Clearly, this student did her research. 


Not long after she Tweeted, the star himself responded to her post with " look more like me than I do." Following that, he Tweeted her picture and captioned it "#NewProfilePic." Fans were quick to respond and share likes and soon enough, this fan was having the best Halloween ever. 




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Maybe some credit should be given to her professor, if it wasn't for her assignment, perhaps the playwright fan wouldn't have been recognized by the creative genius himself. Nevertheless, it's a good Halloween when you come home with a bag full of candy, but even an even better Halloween when you get extra credit AND the honor of being your favorite actor's profile picture. Let's get creative people!