Lin-Manuel Miranda's Best Moments on Twitter

Today is the Lin-Manuel Miranda's 38th birthday so we rounded up his best Twitter moments to celebrate him in a special way. We all know Lin-Manuel Miranda is very active on Twitter with his positive daily affirmations and perfect use of reaction GIFs. Here are the reasons why you need to follow the Broadway star on Twitter (in no particular order).

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1. When He Takes to Twitter to Share a Morning Pick Me Up

2. When He Ends His Day with a Night Prose

3. When He Shares His Old Facebook Posts

4. When He Marched to Support Hurricane Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico

5. When He Shares His Short Plays Featuring His Wife

6. All the Times He's Shared His Puppy Tobillo

7. When He Showed His Support for DREAMers

8. When He Shares His Father-Son Moments

9. When He Revealed His Tactic for Creating Music for Moana

10. The Time He Reached 1M Followers and Celebrated With a GIF Party

11. Then When He Reached 2M Followers He Celebrated With 2-Bar Lyrics

12. When He Dropped Almost Like Praying

13. When He Did Not Hold Back on Donald Trump's Rant Against Carmen Cruz

14. When He Reminds Us to Get Off Twitter