5 Latinas Leonardo DiCaprio Should Date

Leonardo DiCaprio is currently single! Since he has a serious love for blondes, we decided to round up the sexiest single Latinas — who just happen to rock their blonde locks. Read below for five Latinas we think Leo DiCaprio should date next:

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1. Adrienne Bailon

Adrienne Bailon is very much single and ready to mingle. She is one blonde that we are sure would give DiCaprio a run for his money! 

2. Belinda

Belinda is a chica with her own empire — and that is something any smart man, like Leo, can't pass up.

3. Sara Paxton

Sara Paxton is a blue-eyed blonde that can get any guy swooning. We are sure Leo would love to take out her on a date and get to know her a little bit better. It's a match made in blonde heaven!

4. Sabrina Bryan

Sabrina Bryan loves to dance and get down — something that DiCaprio will appreciate, since he is a man that loves to go out and party. 

5. Ana Beatriz Barros

Blonde? Check. Model? Check.  Ana Beatriz Barros was made for Leo. She's a Brazilian he can't pass up!