5 Amazing Latte Art Creations of Your Fave Latino Stars

Coffee just got a celebrity makeover — literally. New York-based artist Michael Breach quit his day job as a barista to draw portraits of pop stars and characters like Taylor Swift, Harry Potter and Steve Urkel in your delicious lattes. 

Breach’s Instagram, which you can follow at @baristart, is a wonderful treat filled with “baristart,” and we’ve put together some of his designs of Latino superstars. Take a look:

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1. Latte Art Creations

Brazilian model Adriana Lima is literally coffee-hot.

2. Latte Art Creations

This caffeine look suits the Puerto Rico-born Joaquin Phoenix.

3. Latte Art Creations

The only thing better than Colombian coffee is a portrait of colombiana singer Shakira in the java.

4. Latte Art Creations

Bethany Mota is smokin' as a "Motaccino."

5. Latte Art Creations

Breach nicknamed our gal Selena Gomez “Selena Foamez” for this hot design.