LATINOMETER: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian seems to be everywhere these these days. From owning her cellulite on the cover of Life & Style ("So what?!"), to her photoshoot with bf Reggie Bush in GQ, her new workout DVD, Fit in Your Jeans by Friday, and her reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, she’s hard to escape. OK, we’ll admit it, we kind of admire her whole hearted embrace of her most coveted ASSet. But we also felt like we had to run her through the rigors of our Latinometer before she could even attempt to claim the title of Best Celeb Booty from our girl Jennifer Lopez. So, let's see how she stacks up:


  • Why is she famous again? Oh yeah! She made a sex tape with Ray J. This would make Abuelita cringe and is therefore an obvious disadvantage.
  • She is a spoiled princess. Sure, we Latinas love to indulge in a little retail therapy from time to time, but we also know when to tone down spending and buckle down (like during the worst recession ever). Kim clearly doesn’t, as evidenced by her Bentley obsession.
  • What did she just say to her mami?! Yeah, we watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and we aren't ashamed. And sometimes Kim talks to her mother in a way that would force any self-respecting Latina mom to whip out the chancleta in five seconds flat.


  • At least her sex tape was made with Ray J, a self-professed lover of all things Latina. Just peep his final choice on his VH1 reality show For the Love of Ray J, the lovely Chicana dubbed “Cocktail.” We’re pretty sure she's a margarita.
  • Everyone already thinks she is Latina.
  • Kim’s crazy close (or krazy klose if you’re a Kardashian) with her familia. Even when they are acting all enraged with each other, you can feel the love.
  • She is a multi-tasking phenom. As we mentioned above, she seems to be ubiquitous these days and, girl, that comes with some hard trabajo. Kimbo is always out shilling something or other—a true hustler. Hmmm, that’s another thing she has in common with La Lopez!



Kim's claim to fame might be a little dubious, but what young starlet hasn’t made a sex tape or had nude photos “leaked” on the internet these days (we’re looking at you Adrienne Bailon and Cassie)? She was just a pioneer. Overall, her tight relationship with her family, realistic views about body image and embrace of her curves wins her a coveted spot as an honorary Latina. ¡Felicidades Kim!