Latino Politicos Accuse Jennifer and Marc of Jumping on the Obama Bandwagon

The New York Post has singled out Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony as two celebrities who are jumping on the Barack Obama bandwagon, which of course no other A-lister has ever done. It reports that some Latino political heavy hitters (who chose not to be identified) are calling them “vile opportunists” for trying to “worm themselves into anything Obama related even though they had nothing to do with his win.”

According to "Page Six," it all started when Marc allegedly refused to perform at an Obama rally in Orlando, Florida just when the campaign was hoping to garner as much Latino support as possible in the crucial two weeks before Election Day. Then, La Lopez reportedly said she would endorse Obama if the candidate called her himself (he, of course, did not). But now that Obama is days away from being sworn in, both stars are all over the inauguration festivities, with Marc agreeing to perform and Jennifer to “speak” along with a slew of other celebs at the Latino Inaugural Ball this Sunday.

Some Latino Obama supporters are calling the couple out for not contributing monetarily to the campaign and for only wanting to be a part of history after the fact. A friend of Jennifer and Marc, though, came to the couple's defense: “Unlike [others], they are doing something—they are performing. And lots of people, including Rihanna and Mariah Carey, are performing and didn’t donate. Marc and Jennifer shouldn’t be reviled for that.”

Hmm…We’ll just keep our opinions to ourselves until someone decides to air their grievances without a cloak of anonymity.

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