Mini Me Style: 14 Celeb Kids Acting Like Their Parents!

There's nothing like having a child who looks up to you in every way, and celebrities' kids are definitely guilty of doing this in some of the cutest ways! From Ricky Martin's twins to Jennifer Lopez's daughter, check out these 14 mini me versions of our favorite Latino parents:

This post was originally published on September 26, 2014

1. Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio & Anja Louise

The VS model and her daughter soaked up the sun while vacation in Greece, dressed in matching bikinis. "My little mermaid," Ambrosio captioned the pic on Instagram. "#Snorkel #Paradise #Mermaids #Anja Louise #férias #summer2015."

2. Jlo and emme

Jennifer Lopez & Emme

Lopez's 6-year-old daughter decided to surprise her mami by dressing up just like her in aviator shades and fur. "Ok this happened while I was #minime #coconut #emmeandmax #LOVE," the 45-year-old singer captioned the photo on Instagram.

3. Mini Me: Mariah Carey & Monroe

Mariah Carey & Monroe

Mariah and her daughter, Monroe, donned matching bunny ears and hot pink outfits for a divalicious Easter celebration. 

4. Mini Mes: Alessandra Ambrosio & Noah

Alessandra Ambrosio & Noah

Alessandra and her adorable little boy went out for a relaxing Sunday stroll along Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, CA, wearing matching fedoras!

5. Mini Me: Jessica Alba & Honor Warren

Jessica Alba & Honor

The love-for-fashion gene is certainly rubbing off on little Honor Warren. Jessica took her hija shopping for her 5th birthday this year, and Honor looked like she enjoyed every minute of it.

6. Mini Me: Christina Milian, Violet

Christina Milian & Violet

For Halloween last year, Christina dressed her daughter up like mami, and Violet even mastered the pose. Que linda!

7. Mini Me: Juanes, Dante

Juanes & Dante

The Colombian megastar and his 3-year-old son had a little fun with face paint!

8. Mini Me: Gloria Estefan, Emily

Gloria Estefan & Emily Marie

In 2006, Gloria and her daughter hit the American Airlines Arena to enjoy a Miami Heat basketball game – looking nearly identical.

9. Mini Me: Mariah Carey, Roe Cannon

Mariah Carey & Monroe

Remember going through your mami’s closet? It seems sporting the same pajamas wasn’t enough for little Roe, who decided to snag her mom’s Agent Provocateur slippers. So mini divalicious!

10. Mini Me: Madonna, Lourdes Leon

Madonna & Lourdes Leon

From her attitude and all the way to her wave, Lourdes is so much like Mami Madonna!

11. Mini Me: Camila Alves, Vida McConaughey

Camila Alves McConaughey & Vida

Hat? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Cuffed jeans? Check. And Vida is ready to head out shopping looking like Momma Camila’s twin!

12. Mini Me: Evelyn Lozada, Shaniece

Evelyn Lozada & Shaneice

When you see the leopard print and big hoop earrings, it’s clear this is Evelyn’s daughter because she’s stylin' it up just like her.

13. Mini Me: Ricky Martin, Twins

Ricky Martin & Twins

That hair, those eyes and the matching outfits; yes, Valentino and Matteo are clearly mini Ricky’s. We love it!

14. Mini Me: Jennifer Lopez, Emme Muniz

Jennifer Lopez & Emme

Like mother, like daughter! It looks like Emme already has a thing for track suits and ballerina buns.