No, We're Not Related: 25 Celebrities With The Same Last Name

These celebrities all share a very important piece of their identity: their nombre! No, they're not related, but their heritage and Latino roots certainly shine through in their surnames.

Check it out! These 25 celebrities all have the same last name: 

1. Lopez

George, Mario and Jennifer all share this common surname: Lopez

2. Ramirez

Dania Ramirez, Sara Ramirez and Cierra Ramirez are all beautiful and talented -- but, no, they're not sisters! Their last name originated in Spain, and means "son of Ramiro."

3. Rodriguez

These three aren't the only ones in Hollywood with the name Rodriguez. In addition to Robert, Michelle and Adam, actors and actresses like Freddy Rodriguez, Genesis Rodriguez, James Roday (Rodriguez), and Raini Rodriguez all boast this common Latino last name, which means "Son of Rodrigo."

4. Diaz

Hollywood superstars Cameron Diaz, Rocsi Diaz and Aaron Diaz all share the same name, which is believed to mean "Son of Diego." The surname has roots in Spain and Portugal. 

5. Sanchez

Devious Maids star Roselyn Sanchez, actress Kiele Sanchez, and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez aren't related -- they just share a very popular Spanish last name. 

6. Cruz

The Queen of Salsa Celia Cruz shares a last name with Spanish actress Penelope Cruz. The last name of Spanish origin means "cross." 

7. Gomez

The "G' in Becky G actually stands for Gomez -- meaning that the budding pop star shares a name with superstar Selena Gomez. Both singers have origins in Mexico. 

8. Santos

Who knew? The King of Bachata, Romeo Santos, shares his name with Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr., who's full name is Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior. "Santos" means "saints" in both Spanish and Portuguese. 

9. Guzman

Famed comedian and actor Luis Guzman and Step Up: Revolution hottie Ryan Guzman aren't related, but perhaps -- many generations ago -- their ancestors both hailed from the same village of Guzmán, Spain.

10. Rivera

Former Miss Universe, Zuleyka Rivera, and Glee star, Naya Rivera, both share this surname, derived from the Spanish word ribera, which means riverbank.