The Cutest Celeb Pets On Social Media!

We love browsing through celebrity photos of exotic world travels, luxe fashion, and glamorous Hollywood parties. But, nothing makes us happier than seeing pictures on social media of our favorite Latino stars' best friends: Their pets!

Check out the cutest celebrity pets on social media: 

1. Batman and Cinderella Lovato

These precious pups belong to the one and only Demi Lovato. And if you think their famous mom has a huge following, wait until you see Batman's personal Instagram account

2. Casper Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez is no stranger to cuddling with her rescue dog, Casper, on social media. 

3. Julio Cesar Chavez Lopez

Mario Lopez's pup Julio Cesar Chavez Lopez has a lot of attitude — as evidenced by his super sassy Twitter account. 

4. Jinxy Longoria

Eva Longoria's pooch, Jinxy, is one happy dog! 

5. Lucy Rivera

Lucy Rivera is just as sassy as her owner, Naya Rivera

6. Amorcita Love

Thalia let her daughter, Sabrina, name their newest pup, Amorcita Love. 

7. Lua Bündchen

Lua Bündchen must get her good looks from her mami, Gisele!

8. Dama & Gitana Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin snapped this shot of her husband, Alec Baldwin, and their two adorable puppies, Dama and Gitana

9. Mugsy Saldaña

Zoe Saldaña's pooch, Mugsy, doesn't want to wake up in this adorable shot! 

10. Kingston Thorne

Bella Thorne loves sharing pictures of her photogenic best friend, Kingston

11. Mutley Carey

Mutley Carey interrupted one of his mama's recording sessions. But Mariah Carey couldn't stay mad at that adorable little face! 

12. Ruffles Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio and fiancé Jamie Mazur cuddle with their favorite fluffy friend, Ruffles Ambrosio.