Latino Celebrities Are Slaying Halloween With Their Extra AF Costumes

Hollywood's best celebrated Halloween early with costumes from recreating iconic musicians such as Selena to some of the year's biggest blockbusters.  

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From Demi Lovato to Joan Smallswe've rounded up the cutest, spookiest, and coolest celeb costumes below.


1. Officer Lovato

2. Adrienne Bailon as Cardi B

3. Jessica & Juno


4. The Lochte's Are Disney Approved


5. Jessica Caban Kahleesi Ready


6. Cardi Cruella


7. Unicorn in Lala Land


8. Dascha & Sumo Familia


9. Demi y Selena


10. Minnie Jo Smalls


11. Disco Diva Alessandra Ambrosio


12. Wonder Woman Thalia


13. Addams Family & Jwoww's Family

14. Nazanin Mandi as Ms. Betty Boo


15. Princess Eiza


16. OITNB Ft. Kehlani