Latina Celebs Stay Focused on Immigration

Even though Eva Longoria Parker was romping around Europe celebrating her third wedding anniversary, Jessica Alba was touring Paris and celebrating her hubby's birthday, and Rosario Dawson was busy celebrating her abuela’s birthday, all three actresses continued to use Twitter to talk immigration reform with each other (and their thousands of followers).

Jessica and Eva both retweeted Rosario's post about a recent Newsweek titled "Why Americans Think (Wrongly) That Illegal Immigrants Hurt the Economy." And Jessica tweeted about the U.S. Justice Department's plans to sue Arizona over the passing of SB 1070.

From Ricky Martin to Pitbull to Shakira, many Latino celebrities have raised their voices to support the rights of all immigrants, and they continue to use Twitter as one way to connect with their fans on the debate. Not new to advocating for our community, Jessica and Rosario also have appeared in PSAs for important organizations like Voto Latino, Rock the Vote, and Declare Yourself, while Eva has been a vocal critic of Arizona’s new immigration law almost since its inception.

For more on SB 1070, Arizona, the latest on the immigration crisis and tips on how you can get involved in the debate, visit's Call to Action page here.