La La Vazquez Tells How She Lost 13 Lbs. in Two Months!

La La Vazquez is preparing for her wedding to Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony this weekend, and we got a chance to catch up with the chatty Latina to find out how she shed 13 pounds (and still going!) for the big day. Here’s what she had to say:

On working it out

"For two months I’ve been training with Gunnar Peterson, who has trained Melo for years, but is also known for training J.Lo, Halle Berry, Kim K., Ciara, you name it. I hate exercising, but I like him because he has me doing different exercises everyday like boxing, which is the only exercise I actually enjoy."

On giving up Latin food

"I loooove something as simple as rice and beans, so I would never give it up completely. I just have a little bit and maybe do like a brown rice instead of white rice, and maybe just small pieces of platanos, making sure I don’t go crazy. It’s been about portion control. I would never deny myself completely because I feel like when you do then you go overboard, so I give myself a little taste and leave it at that. But a Spanish dish that I would never give up is pasteles, and what’s great about that is that I only get to eat them on Christmas because they’re not that accessible, so I can’t get tempted."

On her goal weight and new body

"I'm not at my goal weight; but I don’t think anyone ever is. I don’t care what they say, you always feels like you can lose 5 more pounds, but I’m happy.  It’s funny how you lose the weight and then there’s so much more pressure to keep it off because that’s a challenge as well. You could easily gain it all back."

Her advice on how to stay fit

"Most importantly, you have to mentally commit to it. It’s hard sometimes because it takes a while to see. But once you start seeing the change you’ll get motivated and want to continue.  Don’t take too long of a break because if you get out of the routine of doing exercise, it’s so hard to jump back on. It’s also all about discipline and control. You don’t HAVE to eat certain things, you just WANT to, so you allow yourself a bite. You can’t deny yourself entirely because then you won’t be able to maintain it. And lastly, drink a lot of water!"