Kobe Bryant's Former Maid Sues Family, Claims Abuse

As reported by TMZ, the former maid to basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa is suing the couple, claiming that Mrs. Bryant was abusive and degrading.

Maria Jimenez says that Vanessa forced her to stick her hand in a bag of dog feces, called her names and swore at her. In the lawsuit filed in Orange County, Jimenez states that Vanessa "badgered, harassed and humiliated" her, and embarrassed her by screaming at her in front of Kobe, the children and the rest of the family's staff. She threatened to quit but Kobe talked her out of it.

Apparently, Jimenez reached her threshold when she accidentally ruined a $690 blouse of Vanessa's by throwing it in the wash. Vanessa supposedly made Maria reach into a bag filled with dog feces to retrieve the tag from the blouse, and then forced her to work overtime to pay for the cost.

Jimenez is now suing for wrongful discharge, invasion of privacy, emotional distress and unpaid wages.