Kathy Griffin's Date Night with Levi Johnston

In today's totally weird news, the perpetually hot, half-Mexican Levi Johnston, 19, went out on a "date" with Kathy Griffin, 48. Yup, you read that correctly, we said Kathy freakin' Griffin.

No, hell hath not frozen over and pigs have not flown—it was just the Teen Choice Awards, which are only a little less horrifying. Apparently, the red-haired comedienne decided to take Bristol Palin's baby daddy to the event for fun, joking with reporters, "Long-distance relationships are not easy, especially when he's in his igloo and I'm in my Hollywood tower."

Johnston was in Los Angeles for a Vanity Fair photo shoot (which we will all be drooling over shortly), and was decidedly less verbose when asked about escorting Griffin to the awards show. "I just, you know, look at her, shut up and do what I'm told," he said when asked about his responsibilities for the evening.

What?! Shutting up and doing what he's told? Sounds like the dream date to us.