Kate Hudson Has A-Rod Flirting with Buddhism

Does Kate Hudson have God on her side? Yankee's third baseman Alex Rodriguez seems to think so. The Bronx bomber has reportedly taken an interest in the Buddhist belief system Hudson was raised with. The actress even brought Buddhist prayer beads to a few playoff games for good luck. Anything to win, right?

Although Hudson's mother, Goldie Hawn (a devout Buddhist herself),
loves the slugger and, as one source dished, A-Rod's full embrace of the religion would "seal the deal," Hudson shouldn't be counting on a full conversion just yet. A-Rod's views on religion have always been flexible. When he was dating Madonna he was reportedly into Kabbalah but dropped the red string along with the mystic religion as soon as they were over. A-Rod is a "religious chameleon," so his belief in Buddhism will most likely last as long as his relationship with Kate Hudson.

"It's an important part of her life," adds the insider, "And it seems like Alex really just wants to make her happy."

Tell us: Do you think A-Rod and Kate Hudson make a cute couple? Do you think they'll last?