Kat Von D Responds to Accusations of Romanticizing Mental Illness in Her Beauty Collab


Last month, Kat Von D released her highly anticipated eyeliner, "Basket Case" in collaboration with Green Day lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong.

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While it was a huge success some people, such as Instagram user Holly Quinn, have called out the tattoo artist for romanticizing mental illness. She wrote ,"You took something sacred, and then used it to sell an eyeliner called #basketcase!!! Basketcase is another word for insanity!!!"

The user, whose account is now private referred to the Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen photoshoot recreation and for making light of the term basket case, someone who has lost their battle to mental illness.


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Sid and Nancy were punk idols who suffered from mental illness that resulted in their deaths at an early age. They were known for their heavy use of drug, domestic violence, and they even had a death pact.

The tattoo artist responded by saying, "Capitalizing on mental illness: This by far, is such a big reach and you should be ashamed of yourself for such an accusation."

There were some mixed reactions with some people agreeing that this was a reach since Basket Case is a Green Day song and it was the music that the Mexican-American and Armstrong were trying to celebrate, while others pointed out that this issue should not be taken lightly.

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Basket Case Anti-Precision Eyeliner is only a limited-edition product so we won't see it coming back but it's not stopping the internet from talking about it.