EXCLUSIVE: Kat DeLuna Talks New Single & Her Amazing Friendship With Selena Gomez

Kat Deluna at the Samsung Giga DJ Sessions
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We've been fans of Kat DeLuna since she debuted in 2007 with her single "Whine Up!" But it's been a few years since the 26-year-old Bronx-born Dominicana has released any music and fans were starting to wonder when they'd hear from her again. Well chicas, she's back!

DeLuna has been featured on a new single by The Bello Boys and is preparing to drop her second album. We chatted with the lovely down-to-earth singer to get the scoop on her upcoming music, her friendship with Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa, details on her travels, and more.

Read it all in our exclusive interview below:

It’s been a while, Kat! Tell us sort of where you’ve been and where you’re going in terms of your music and album.

Okay. Well, I don’t want to put a time on it a timeline on it because when you put a timeline it gets confusing but I would like to say it’s been a few heavy months from just finally finishing my second album. A lot of the people ask me, “Well Kat it’s taking you so long, what’s going on?” But it’s because I had to -- like two times -- erase everything and start from scratch, and people don’t notice that. For example, you know how you say it’s been a long time since I came out [with something new], but I started as a little…well not a little girl, but my kind of personality I’m a kid. So when I was nineteen, I was like fifteen, seriously. So I’ve grown mentally here and there and I had to revamp, musically. I’m a rebel too, so if I don’t like something I’m like let’s not do it. I’ve grown even as a person.

Also, on the business side, I’ve had to change labels a couple times, which also puts a pause on things. And that’s what people don’t really think about because they’re just thinking where’s the music, where are the pictures. So that’s why it’s taking a bit, but I am so happy. I believe in timing and everything has it’s timing. So finally I’m done with the project and I am so excited.

I’ve only taken projects and things that I feel comfortable doing as a musician and that makes me feel happy because I’m more in control. So yeah I finished my album and I’m happy with the lead single that’s due to come out in a few weeks

That’s great! We’re so happy for you. So you’re featured on a new single, “Last Call,” can you tell us a bit about that?

Yeah. “Last Call” is by the Bello Boys and featuring myself Kat DeLuna, and it’s a beautiful amazing song that was just released a few weeks ago. It also has a Spanish version, so I’m really excited.

Awesome! Now tell us, who are some artists that have inspired you?

I look up to like Alicia [Keys], Kanye [West], and Gloria Estefan. They really stood there and mastered their craft, and then came out. And once they came out it was from there and on, you know?

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