Kat DeLuna on Her Gay Fans: "They're Fabulous!"

Kat DeLuna wants her drag queen impersonators to bring their A-game to her shows. As the songstress gears up for the kickoff of her gay club tour on Feb. 7, she says they'd better come dressed to impress. "I’m an over-the-top kind of girl, so they’ll need big hair, big nails and really fabulous shoes," DeLuna tells the Daily News. Hear that, girls? You better work! Be fierce! Strike a pose! Etc.

The Dominican singer explains her reasons for embarking on the tour are out of genuine love for her gay fanbase—that, and the fact that she gets them. "I really do love the gay community, because they’re happy, fabulous and like to have fun ... just like me!"

Hey, Kat: Latinas are happy, fun and fabulous, too! Can we get some love?