June 2015 Horoscopes: Who's Your Celebrity Astrology Twin?

Readings by Amy Javier

We all love checking out our zodiac signs to see what the future holds. For June, not only did we gather up what is in store for your sign but we also complied your celebrity astrology twin. From the fierce Leo, Jennifer Lopez to the centered Taurus Jessica Alba, take a look at your horoscope and which celebrity is in tune with you:

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1. Aries

Delight and revel in the twist in turns you have survived this last few weeks. No worries though because this has taught you who to get close to and who to stay away from, if you want to keep your peace of mind in the office. A good and healthy way to counteract this “noise from the outside world” is to revel in the pleasures that you do have in your life and always stay on top of your game. You will start noticing the beauty in your life and enjoying yourself with the co-workers that you do enjoy spending time with & spending time with family and the people you like. This June will be a magical month for your inner peace and a calm start.

Celebrity Twin: Alessandra Ambrosio enjoying life "In a sunny state of mind" as she puts it. Enjoying her time with friends and work.

2. Taurus

Taurus your transformation is staggering. A new beginning is in the works for you this June. As you stay centered and enjoy the changes happening around you. Many of you are going through a graduation of life getting new jobs, new friends, new everything. Many changes are happening and you are loving this change in rhythm as you move with it all. Your family and your work are highlighted and are BLOOMing this June. Much of the hard work you have put it is finally paying off! Good for you, Darling!

Celebrity Twin: Jessica Alba was just named America's Richest Self Made woman. It is noted that by this year she will be earning $1 billion. Her Honest Company is a big part of her work and she says "If we really want to make a difference in the world and people’s health, it’s billions and billions of dollars, not just one," and she means business. A woman making her mark in the world with "honest" work that is paying of!

3. Gemini

Your health is a bit upside down, Gem! Take care of your mental, physical and spiritual health. Enjoying time in nature will help you tremendously during June. June is a time for fun and spending time with those you love! Retreat and take time out for you and eating lots of veggies and greens. Enjoying the great activities out in nature is great for you at this time as well as NOT EATING JUNK FOOD! No junk food for you this month of June, Gemini.

Celebrity Twin: Zoe Saldana loves taking care of her health and her hubby takes care of her with love.

4. Cancer

GREAT SUCCESS for you dear Cancer. The stars are aligned for you to succeed and prosper this June. The full moon on June 2nd will be a great time to declare your readiness for prosperity and romance in your life. You will be letting go of an old skin in your romantic life this month. You will feel abundant in so many ways, beyond what you have even expected or thought of! Let the universe guide you to the abundance that waits for you this month of June and beyond!

Celebrity Twin: It is all over the news that Selena Gomez is back with her ex Justin Bieber. Although it is said that they are back together, it sounds more like a rumor. But it doesn't take away from the fact that these two may be ready to be friends again. This is a sign of Selena shedding the old skin and being open to be her ex's friend which is a very mature move.

5. Leo

Towards the end of the month Leo, things just haven’t been going your way. Others plans and expectations of you have been keeping you in service to others and not yourself. But this makes you work even harder and stronger for YOUR VISION and YOUR DREAM! In June, you will be able to get more of what you need at work and from romantic relationships. Your friendship sector is also getting reshaped and you are noticing who your real friends are. Being in connection to real friends brings you peace and an overall sense of wellbeing in June. Thank God, because the last couple of months have been hectic for you! As you recognize where you truly come from (everything will flourish), notice whats important to you in your soul and keep working hard for your dreams.

Celebrity Twin: On May 28, Jennifer Lopez gave a speech in Morocco about the secret to success. She says the secret is really to work harder then the next person and to know that you are working for your dreams. To feel that. There is no "secret magical door". What she wore was super sexy and revealing to who she really is a sexy Leo. As she said: "I don't drink I don't smoke, I never have, I don't party, I never been a big partyer, I've been more of a worker my whole life."

6. Virgo

Passion is calling your name. It can be you becoming passionate in general dear Virgo or you becoming passionate at work, starting a new project you are passionate about OR a new passionate romantic relationship is on the verge to reveal itself. This is the key for you in the month of June and will be in your mind. You will become more accepting of those in your life and immediate family, you will accept and love yourself more fully. The New Moon on June 16 will start a fresh new experience for you with your passionate side, Virgo.

Celebrity Twin: Cameron Diaz is looking sooo in love with her hubby. Super passionate and hugging all over the tabloids. Spotted with her BFF Drew Barrimore and her hubby, she was literally living it up in a lovefest. So much passion is in store for you, Cameron.

7. Libra

Your loved one’s have been an important topic on your mind in May, and they will continue to be so in June. You are more accepting and loving to your family. A connection that was once broken a long time ago in your family will come together to heal in June. Yes, that one you think about….it is time to drop your weapons and surrender into the truth about the situation. You will both hug this one out this month.

Celebrity TwinGwen Stefani loves spending time with her family. 

8. Scorpio

Having ill feelings towards someone, are you Scorpio? It is normal for the Scorpion to have feelings like spite and envy but make sure you know what this begets for you by June. The month of May you have learned a big lesson on this and in June you will reap what you understand from this lesson. It may have been trouble with someone very close to you. Don’t worry as this relationship will start on fresh grounds as you release the ill feelings. June is a time for you to reconnect with your enthusiasm for life. Let this all go by June 16, the new moon.

Celebrity Twin: Lorde splits with her manager (and I am not sure if this one will patch up). Lorde has learned huge lessons about he career and what to do and with those lessons she is up and leaving her manager. As soon as she lets go of what has been happening between them, she will attract a new manager that fits her needs better.

9. Sagittarius

Step into your courage this month, Sag. A lot of problems have been arising but it is all for you to see how strong you really are. Don’t let the weight of the world, the worries and the negative thoughts, take you by the hand. You will wake up with a smile most days of June as you are entering a place of accepting your life as it is. Every day will be different than the last and every day is changing for the better. Remember that with courage you can do anything. Have the courage to step outside of your fears, as you will do and as it will be.

Celebrity Twin: Christina Aguilera is rumored to not be asked back to The Voice. Ugh, such negativity towards her but keep your head up girl. Her impressions of Cher and Lady Gaga were AMAZING!

10. Capricorn

You are really practicing the key of stable relationships. This is such a big deal for you this month. Creating, sustaining and realizing stable and secure relationships at work. A lot of money is coming in for you at work, as you make these relationships steady.

Celebrity Twin: Zooey Deschanel is building one of the most important relationships of her life with her baby! She has changed her agency and her career is switching lanes, as she is beginning a whole new phase in her life.

11. Aquarius

New beginnings are flourishing for you. You are in new partnerships and growing into these new relationships. The first few months of 2015 has been slow but now it is picking up as it is a new time and a new world that you are stepping into. Many of you find yourself moving — new jobs, new homes, new children and/or new relationships. Cherishing it all as life is in a cycle for you, Aquarius.

Celebrity Twin: Shakira is your Aquarius twin. She is going through some legal copyright issues with the song "Loca," which will be cleared by June. After this, we should be seeing more of Shakira and it looks like I am right, she is enjoying her new child soooo much! Her new life as a mother and wife.

12. Pisces

Many things are opening up for you in June. Be careful with your health as you are becoming aware about you needing to take care of it more. You have also become aware about some problems that may have been in the closet for sometime.You are ready for ANYTHING that comes your way, becoming stronger and happier dear Pisces. This is good news as we know how your emotional life is an important part of who you are. Pay attention to your finances as they are very good. New projects will present themselves to you as you are having the time of your life.

Celebrity Twin: Eva Longoria is a Renaissance goddess as she was just in Paris at an ancient site on a romantic getaway. In fact, Eva is having one of the best times of her life as we can see in all her social media pages that she is all smiles and laughter. Good for her!