Juliet 'Juju' C. Explains Why Loving the Skin You're In is So Important

“Yo soy Cubana [and] I’m going to represent it until the wheels fall off," Juliet "Juju" C. proudly said.

The entrepreneurial Love and Hip Hop reality star-turned-author stopped by our office to discuss her mother’s courageous immigration from Cuba and share her important message of self-love to her fellow Latinas. Juju frequently shares her personal experiences and positivity to her nearly 1 million followers on Instagram.

“I was blessed with this platform, and I have to make sure it wasn’t in vein," she explained. “I want little girls to look at me and be like, ‘Wait! She’s my complexion. She’s Afro-Latina like me. She’s doing it, maybe I can, too."

Juju will inspire you — watch above.