Judy Reyes Expecting a Baby Girl

Judy Reyes had some practice playing Mommy when her Scrubs character, Nurse Carla Espinosa, had a daughter. But now it's the actress's turn in real life! Heading into her third trimester, Reyes told People.com that she is feeling “wonderful” and, other than some morning sickness early on in the pregnancy, her experience has been complication-free.

Reyes also confirmed that her first baby will be a little girl, which is what she always suspected. “My twin sister and my younger sister have boys, and they had strong hopes to have boys because we’re a family of all girls,” Reyes said. “Everyone was praying for boys and I just had a feeling that it was a girl, and it is!” she gushed while at the launch party for Nicole Richie’s new maternity line Nicole for a Pea in the Pod.

As for Nurse Carla, Reyes says that her Scrubs character will be making a few guest appearances on the show but won't be playing a major role like she has in previous seasons. “I walked away from it with an open mind ready to try new things, and this pregnancy is going to be a new thing,” she says. And of course, less work leaves Reyes more time to get things ready for the baby! She is expecting her bundle of joy sometime in November.