Judge Orders Jenni Rivera to Trial

In May of 2009, singer Jenni Rivera was detained at Mexico City’s International Airport when she allegedly failed to declare over $32,000 in cash on her way to the U.S. Now the Mexican singer is facing the consequences of those actions.

According to the Associated Press, a judge has ordered Rivera to face trial for failing to declare the money. Rivera says she will be free while the trial proceeds, but she must report to court every week, which she promises to do.

When she was detained in May of ’09—while she waited to board a plane to Los Angeles—officials found $51,167 in Jenni’s carry-on luggage during a random search. She had only declared $20,000 of that amount. After paying an $850 penalty, Rivera was released from police custody.

Rivera says the incident is a misunderstanding and adds that she intended to declare the cash upon arrival to the U.S.